Entering the UK Job Market and thriving.

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Thinking of relocating to the United Kingdom and getting a job? This could be a really good idea and an opportunity for you to scale your career. The UK is home to the sixth largest economy and various businesses in the world. Unemployment rate is relatively low and as there’s great competition entering the job market, candidates who possess the required skill for a job often get their spots. Some major industries in the UK include services, manufacturing, engineering, touris, marketing, healthcare and so much more.

In order to enter the UK job market, you’ll first need to own the right to work there and by owning a right, we mean, you’ll have to get a work permit. According to Davidson Morris, An individual is eligible to work in the UK if they are a citizen of Britain or if they hold valid settled status in the UK. For non-UK residents, the right to work will be determined by their immigration status and any restrictions imposed on them by their grant of leave.

For example, those holding valid leave under a work visa are only permitted to undertake the type of work allowed under their visa category for the time period granted under the visa.

Individuals with indefinite leave to remain however are not subject to UK immigration or work limitations. Regardless of an individual’s nationality, race or immigration status, they must provide evidence to a prospective employer confirming their right to work. This includes British citizens and EU nationals.

For you to thrive in the UK job market, it is important that you are satisfied with the life that you are living and with the job you are doing. Research finds that people who bring a high level of well-being to their work lives are most likely to be productive and successful, and they are most likely to be creative and helpful to others. It is here that satisfaction with life becomes particularly important. If a person does not feel fulfilled by their activities, it’s unlikely that they will be sustained by day-to-day pleasures. Indeed, the absence of satisfaction is most likely to lay the groundwork for negative emotional experiences, such as frustration. This being said, some tips for thriving in the UK job market include:

  • Find jobs that you are passionate about

According to Jobberman.com, passion for work is the intense enthusiasm and excitement for what you do. It can be the difference between doing it and getting done well. Being excited about your Monday’s the way many people are only thrilled about Fridays, it can be the difference between enjoying your job and struggling with it.  

Whether you come to it by the love of what you do or currently doing what you love, the opportunities it presents you or just a decision to be passionate. One certain thing is that passion for work makes a world of difference for your career and productivity. Passion for the work you do presents you with a thriving opportunity. Not many things are as depressing as battling an obstacle at a job that you have no passion whatsoever for. The workplace is bound to throw up challenges from time to time and the more passionate about your job, the easier it will be to face and overcome these challenges.

Your passion for your work has the capacity to accelerate your abilities and the mindset you need to accept and win over all obstacles with creative solutions.

  • Make appropriate negotiations for payment/salary

An individual earning a higher salary is more likely to be motivated to do a good job. A salary is one of the factors that contribute to job satisfaction and in order to thrive on the job market, one needs to be satisfied. The ability to negotiate is vital to getting paid what you deserve. 

  • Find jobs that allow you grow

Your career growth will be aided by jobs with a steady career path. The more you grow, the more impact and income you generate. It’s always advisable to find jobs that would enable you to harness the career path you have chosen for yourself.

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