Benefits of Travel Advisory Services on Education Pathways

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As thousands of immigrants find new homes, we’ve long seen processes as one of the biggest barriers to moving toward a future in which all humans can access advisory services on education pathways. Vesti is helping to redefine processes that are valid and reliable, and can be aligned to the interests of immigrants. 

One of the obvious requirements when applying to a school abroad is that every step of your application process is free from mistakes. A mistake can cause you a delay or total denial of admission and even your visa hence the need to be precise. There are a lot of decisions to be made, documents to be filled, fees to be paid, and dates to remember and a lot of international students want to be sure that everything is in place. This also holds true for migrating through any other legal pathway. Every step of your migration process has to be error free.

According to, the British Council conducted research on 90,000 prospective international students over the last five years. They found that 40% of prospective students considering studying overseas have used or planned to use the services of an immigration consultant. This is an increase from 10% in 2007. 

In some countries the use of consultants is very high: in China, 45% of students use consultants, in India 43%, and in Nigeria 30%. Students and parents use immigration advisors to arrange study abroad either because they lack knowledge and understanding of overseas education systems or (even where they have obtained their own placement) because they lack the time or confidence to complete the necessary formalities, especially visa application procedures, without help, and are happy to pay for assistance from an advisor.

A lot of people struggle with the decision of whether to apply to study abroad themselves or employ the help/service of an advisor. There are people who have succeeded in applying to schools and putting together everything required for their relocation process by themselves. 

If you are a foreign student seeking to study abroad, it is most likely true that you’ll not have sufficient information about all you need to make your relocation and schooling come through. You may worry about the specific school that’s best for your course of study or whether to stay on campus or off campus. This is where Vesti comes in. In this article, we’ll share with you some benefits of using Vesti for your travel advisory services on pathways every step along the way.

Relocation options:

Migrating to other countries isn’t only possible through education. Individuals can migrate in a variety of ways. At Vesti, we know all the possible pathways and which one is best for you. A number of factors are considered, including your qualifications, documents/certifications, work experience, family status (if you have any family member in the country you want to migrate to), life circumstances, and finances. We take a critical look at all the options available and help you decide on the best migration pathway.

We help you sort out multiple school options: Say you have a list of schools to apply to or are confused about which school suits your course of study, you can seek our help at Vesti. We have a lot of information about institutions abroad and can help you with choosing the right institution.

The fear of losing money disappears: Due to our impressive track record of success and global credibility, you’ll go to bed without feeling any form of fear because you are sure of a low chance of money loss. Our team of Immigration Advisors are usually extra careful because they are out there to help you achieve your goal. We understand that a loss will also mean a loss for us.

You avoid unnecessary mistakes: Our dedicated team of Immigration Advisors are most times conversant with the processes it takes to apply to study abroad. They know the exact dates when you should apply for a visa, the documents to submit to an institution, documents to carry with you when going for a visa interview, etc . They provide you with this information so you can avoid mistakes. Some visas have been declined due to little mistakes made by applicants.

We are experts: Our Immigration Advisors have worked with various institutions, and different countries and have experienced different application instances which makes them versatile in that field. They can easily tell you what to do and what not to do and even when to do what you should do. When you choose Vesti, we also give you expert advisory services, telling you what schools you should apply to after carefully scrutinising your grades. With our Immigration Advisors, there’s no guesswork. 

Integrity: As a matter of fact, we have built a lasting and formidable relationship with embassies of different countries. You’ll find that these embassies attend to us swiftly due to the trust we have built over time, so study abroad aspirants can take advantage of this trust by getting Vesti to help with visa application and its processes to make your application process hitch-free.

Job-seeking advice: Vesti can help you with tips on what type of jobs you should apply for, especially on a part-time basis. We can also help you figure out the requirements for jobs you want to apply for in your study country.

Scholarship Choice: We can help you know what scholarships or financial aid to apply for. We can look through your documents to help you know if you are eligible for a particular financial aid and what to do if you are not.

Accommodation tips: We offer guidelines as regards the best choice of accommodation suitable for you within a particular city. We can give expert advice on what’s best for you based on your lifestyle. We’ll tell you if it is economical to live on or off campus. In some cases, we can even help you secure accommodation.

We cannot over emphasise the importance and benefits of choosing our education pathways if you plan to migrate to another country. Certainly, this is something you should highly consider.

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