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As a migration fintech, our vision is to remove the barriers to legal and financial services for immigrants. Vesti is leveraging innovative technologies to transform the way people access migration pathways and conduct financial transactions, from secured wallet services to seamless payment processing with the Vesti app. As a result, Vesti has become not just an attractive but a sought after investment opportunity for investors seeking high-growth potential and exposure to emerging technologies. In this article, we will explore the reasons why investors should consider investing in Vesti as a leading migration fintech company in Nigeria.

Vesti has come to stay. The transition from 2 customers to over 100k users spurs us to continue to build the future for everyone. It all stems from our desire to be the global compass for 1 Billion people by 2050. The world is becoming increasingly globalised, and people are moving from one country to another more frequently for work or personal reasons. This has created a need for financial services that cater to migrants’ unique needs, such as moving anywhere on the planet and moving with their money. 

Known to be the biggest online financial services platform for immigrants, Vesti holds so many opportunities for investors, including high growth potential, increased efficiency, access to new markets, a strong regulatory environment, diversification, and innovation. By the end of this article, investors will have a better understanding of the advantages of investing in Vesti and the potential benefits they can provide to their portfolios.

  1. High Growth Potential: Vesti has proven to be a typically innovative and disruptive platform, providing new financial solutions for immigrants that can scale quickly. As a result, we have experienced a high growth potential, which promises significant returns for investors. Asides the fact that the Fintech industry has seen a massive revenue generation of approximately $90.5 billion dollars as at 2017 and has since then seen over 10% growth rate according to Deloitte

Vesti has also seen over 150% growth rate in our User base and over 300% transaction volume. Vesti passed the 100,000 users mark as of Friday the 24th of February, 2023. “The future that Vesti bets on is one where every human on the planet can move anywhere and be free to access financial services”, says Vesti CEO Olusola Amusan. “We are building tech that is redefining human and capital mobility”

  1. Increased Efficiency: Vesti is focused on creating more efficient processes for financial transactions. Our card services avail users of the usage of both the GlobalGeng Naira Debit Card and the GlobalGeng Virtual Dollar Card. On one hand, Vesti users can access bill payments, ATM and POS functions for funds withdrawals, deposits, balance enquiry and online payments with the GlobalGeng Naira Debit Card. On the other hand, Vesti users can make international payments online at reasonable rates and flexible spend limits [$10,000 per month]. Other payments include, WES, ECA, IHS, UK Student Visa, US Visa, NMC UK, IELTS and so on. 

Vesti has also incorporated processes that help migrants import their credit history from their home country amongst others. By leveraging technology, we have been able to automate processes that were previously done manually, reducing costs and increasing speed.Access to New Markets: One great advantage is that Vesti also targets underserved markets/segments, such as small businesses or individuals with limited access to financial services. We have developed digital payment solutions that enable businesses

  1. to reach new customers in different parts of the world. These payment solutions can be used to facilitate cross-border transactions, which can help businesses to expand their customer base and enter new markets. Vesti has also developed alternatives to lending options by making it possible for business owners in need of loans to import their credit history from their home countries making it possible for their loaners to assess credit risk, which can provide more accurate and timely lending decisions to businesses in new markets. By providing new solutions that meet the needs of these markets, we are able to gain a competitive advantage and generate new revenue streams.
  2. Strong Regulatory Environment: Fintech companies operate in a heavily regulated industry. Vesti is regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN) and the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). These regulatory bodies serve as an advantage as they create a barrier to entry for competitors and provide a level of stability and predictability for investors.
  3. Diversification: Investing in fintech companies like Vesti can provide diversification for an investor’s portfolio. Fintech companies often operate in different segments of the financial industry, such as payments, lending, or insurance, providing exposure to multiple areas of the market. More importantly, investing in Vesti spreads your portfolio into other industries and companies that Vesti partners with. One notable partnership success is the collaboration with Shuttlers, a leading tech bus-sharing service platform providing shared-mobility solutions in Metropolitan cities in Africa. Similarly, in 2018, over 70 percent of senior banking executives said that collaborating with fintechs and bigtechs to create a new service was an important opportunity for banks, according to Statistica.
  4. Innovation: Vesti is at the forefront of tech innovation in the financial industry, leveraging emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence to create new financial solutions. We were recently selected to be among the 14 tech startups in Africa to pitch live at the 2023 African Tech Summit in Nairobi which was held between 15th and 16th February, 2023. By investing in Vesti, investors can gain exposure to these cutting-edge technologies and potentially benefit from their adoption in other industries.

Vesti is transforming the financial industry and has emerged as a compelling investment opportunity for investors. With our high growth potential, increased efficiency, access to new markets, strong regulatory environment, diversification, and innovation, we offer investors a unique opportunity to gain exposure to emerging technologies and potentially benefit from their adoption in other industries. By taking a long-term view and focusing on a company with solid business models and a track record of success, investors can potentially reap the rewards of investing in Vesti. Vesti represents the future of banking for immigrants.

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