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We are very transparent about all the charges on Vesti. We will always display the calculation of how much this fee comes to, for every transaction you are about to make. This is so that you can confirm before sending off your order. 

Here is a quick overview of all the charges on Vesti.

Deposit Charges
  1. With a Naira Card on Paystack and Flutterwave: Charges with a Naira debit or credit card are 1.4% (capped at N2,000) when you fund your Naira wallet.
  2. There is no charge with bank transfer when you use your in-app  Providus Bank account.
  3. Instant Naira transfers within the Vesti App to other Vesti Users are free, without charges and Instant
  4. Instant Naira transfers (withdrawal) to your bank account cost N100. 
  5. Payment of Tuition in Naira – as this is a high value transfer, we encourage you to use your Providus Bank account number (generated in the Vesti App) to deposit Naira at no cost. Rate conversion to USD will be done with app rate for the day.
  6. With a USD Card: Cards issued outside the US will incur charges of 3.9% +30cents when you fund your dollar wallet. (We partnered with stripe on this) while US issued cards will incur 2.9% +30cents when you fund your dollar wallet. 
  7. We can help you fund your Dollar wallet if you do a direct wire to Vesti’s US account. Your KYC (Regulatory ID, anti-money laundering check, and Source of income documentation) must be complete to do this, and the payment must be authorized for each transaction to make your transaction hitch free. This is advised for high value payments, and may reduce deposit charges significantly
  8. USD transfers within the Vesti App to other Vesti Users are free and without charges.
  9. USD transfers (withdrawal) to your US bank account cost 1.5% and a capped. 
This can work as an alternative to spend USD. Your Vesti Virtual card allows you to get dollar easily, as you can fund from your Naira wallet or existing dollar reserve.

Virtual Cards can be minted on Vesti with only a charge of (N100). You may use your virtual card on university websites, WES website or other migration related services.  We allow up to $250 top up at a time for now and plan to increase this in the near future.  We will also be introducing card rewards, overdrafts and physical debit cards soon powered by our licenced banking partners.


If you deposited from a Naira payment option into your wallet, you can only withdraw to a Naira account. If you deposited from a USD payment option, you can only withdraw to a USD account. We are not a licenced currency  exchange at the moment so do not expect to deposit Naira and withdraw USD or vice versa. The withdrawal fee is currently N100 to Naira bank accounts and $40 per transfer to USD bank accounts in Nigeria (per domiciliary account transfers in Nigeria). We are currently not transferring to Nigerian domiciliary account at the moment. Withdrawal to US banks will begin soon and will be available to Vesti Service Providers first. 


If you intend to make payment for WES services on our platform, the dollar to Naira exchange rate will depend on the current market rate at the time of the transaction. Our rates are subject to constant review depending on the market forces.  As of today, the current exchange rate will be available on the mobile app in “Settings>>Scroll down to see rate”, and this is how you calculate how much you will pay to VESTI to enable us to help you facilitate your WES payment. To get updated rate, go in app and click “Settings”.  As a result of our very competitive payment rate, we charge a 10% extra on most merchant payments, billed together when you are paying on the VESTI App.


If you intend to make your SEVIS fee payment for U.S Student Visa Application, there will be a flat service charge of $40 in addition to the standard SEVIS fee of $350  (+ $10 Western Union Fees) payable to the U.S Department of Homeland Security within the U.S. This will be a total of $400 payable to VESTI and we will make the SEVIS fee payment on your behalf by the following Wednesday after you make an order using our app. The dollar to Naira exchange rate will depend on the current market rate at the time of the transaction. Our rates are subject to constant review depending on the market forces. As of today, the current exchange rate will be available on the mobile app in “Settings>>Scroll down to see rate”.

We update these fees from time time. Please review this fee page before making transactions. Custom Tuition or certification payments may or may not be listed on the Vesti App. You will send your school tuition instruction or invoice to info@wevesti.com. Our team will give you instruction of Naira Bank Transfers. The rate for USD today for HVTs is competitive and follows market rate,  plus associated wire fees or international card fees may apply. There are no extra charges by VESTI on custom fees. The advantage is the ability to do this faster than most local organizations. 

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